About us

Company PC group Ltd. was formed in 2010 by merging companies Plenus Ltd. from Otočac and company Cupido Ltd. from Opatija. Both companies have a long tradition of making lanterns and candles for all occasions and purposes. Plenus Ltd. was established on the foundations of the former factory Cosmochemia Otočac that has more than thirty years of experience in making lanterns and candles, and Cupido Ltd. was founded back in 1996.


Our production continues the tradition of making lanterns and candles, using quality raw materials, and with the help of modern technology. We insist on using the paraffin that meets high standards in terms of the purity of materials, the share of oil, and thus the environmental acceptability. The business is based on quality products at an affordable price, honest communication with customers and suppliers, with the use of new technologies and capacity expansion. The sales network is extended beyond the Croatian borders.


Our mission is to develop high quality products at affordable prices while vision is to become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of lanterns and candles in the region. That’s why our product range is constantly adapting to trends and customer preferences. On the same way we make lanterns and candles are manufactured in all shapes, sizes, colors and scents, now available in the market, with constant monitoring of trends and development of technology development. This allows us to be quick and reliabl respond to the demands of our customers.


For making lanterns we use containers made of quality plastic and caps made of quality sheet metal, whether it is on the casted laterns or lanterns with cartridges.

We produce candles of all possible colors, shapes and fragrances. We offer candles which will with their color and shape fit in any decoration, and from a variety of programs you can choose candles that will fulfill all occasions. Our decorative candles by themselves are a nice decoration for any room, and consumer candles next to the longevity feature are more environmentally friendly by the raw materials from which they are made.